Thursday, September 17, 2009

Information on the scenic railways of Japan

My interest in railways is generally more about seeing and appreciating a country's natural beauty than any appreciation of the history or cultural value of those railways. In the case of Japan, such people might be interested in these sites I found:
1. Scenic values
2. History of Japan railways
3. Photos of Japan railways

I was very impressed by the scenic beauty of Japan's railways. The Japan Rail Pass gives tourists a great opportunity to appreciate the country.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trans-Scenic Railway NZ

The Trans-Scenic Rail Trip from Auckland to Wellington is one of the better trips for natural scenic beauty, though given the option of travelling by car, I think I would prefer a fly-drive approach. Certainly a train is better than a bus because its easier to take photos, and you tend to get better views. Buses are better because they travel more frequently. On the Wellington-Auckland route there are in fact several routes you can take to your final destination.
The attractions of the TransScenic are the picturesque views of the green pastures of NZ, Lake Taupo and of course the most spectacular volcanic peaks in the Taupo Volcanic Zone - Mt Ruepehu and Mt Tongariro. For more information on:
1. The Trans Scenic Railway - see - this rail service is subject to breakdown and because there is one fixed route its not the most flexible service in terms of getting where you want, or travelling when you want. But it does offer better photographic opportunities.
2. InterCity Bus services - see - faster, cheaper, more flexible service, its the way I chose to travel. If you want to tour, better to get a hire car, or better still a campervan. See - under 'relocations'
3. Kiwi Experience - they offer a packaged bus service - see

Another reason to like the campervan service is that it will get you across the Cook Strait to the South (North) Island for free if you do a relocation. See my campervanning blog.
Andrew Sheldon