Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rail travel in Australia

I am not a big fan of rail travel in Australia. The network is expensive, old, and inefficient. Perhaps the positive aspect of an old, windy network is the scenery that can be viewed, though thats only the case if you are travelling during the day. The scenery is quite nice along the east coast of the country. So you might try the trip from Sydney to Brisbane. You are wasting time going from Brisbane to Sydney because its a night train.
Another good trip is the Sydney to Nowra (Bombaderry) trip, as it takes in some breathtaking views of the coast. This is a tortuously slow trip as well, which means its a bit of a rush as a day trip, but fine for a weekend. Places you might stop are:
1. Berry - it has a market, and its nice to walk around the town, and eat in the old pubs
2. Gerringong - Its nice to walk along the beach, though its a long walk from the train station.
3. Kiama - This nice town is worth a visit, and it has a blow-hole on the headland.

The trip from Sydney to Melbourne is a waste of time, you can see so much more travelling by car or campervan. See my campervanning blog at http://campa-living.blogspot.com/.


alcogoodwin said...

??????? = Kiama

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